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Resurrectionists Gather at 2013 Chapter!


Our Open Doors:

Resurrectionists in Canada and throughout the world have hospitality and warmth built into the fabric of our existence. If you'd like to learn more about us, contact our Vocation Director Father Toby and he will arrange to have you meet us "on our turf"! If you'd like to know more about us, read this site or click here to read our Charism Statement.


The members of the Congregation of the Resurrection understand that the inspiration and guide for our mission and lifestyle is Jesus Christ. The society in which Jesus lived included many people who lived without hope because they were marginalized – economically, socially, politically, and religiously. Nourished and guided by his relationship with God, Jesus journeyed with the poor, the disadvantaged, the chronically ill, and the uneducated, preaching the Good News of God's faithful love and forgiveness.

As Jesus reached out compassionately to all who did not count by the standards of the world, he found himself at odds with the religious and political leaders who ultimately concluded that he should be put to death. We know that he overcame death, and through his Resurrection and through the gift of his Spirit, he continues to live among us and guide us profoundly as we strive to continue his mission and ministry.

A spirit of service

In the middle of the 19th century, a group of men had a vision of how to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in an intense way. You can read about this on our history page. We call ourselves Resurrectionists, and as members of the Congregation of the Resurrection we find ourselves living lives of service in communities all over the world. The group (we call it a "province") that serves primarily in Ontario also serves in Bermuda, Kentucky, Rome and other places in the world. In the spirit of Jesus, we continue to follow the mandate of our 19th century founders and work for the "Resurrection of society".

Living joyfully

Our members are vibrant men who serve the Church as priests, bishops, deacons and lay brothers. We live in communities from which we derive our strength and our spirit. We choose to live an intensive form of Christianity which is guided by vows that we freely and joyfully live. Our day-to-day living of the vows is further strengthened by our prayer and our ongoing study of the Scriptures. We view ourselves as working with people as much as for people in order to build up the reign of God in every aspect of life on earth.

We are active religious men, joyfully living our spirituality in the moment. We are open to society and we live in society. We invite all who can hear to journey with us at various levels and in various ways.

Our Website

This site visually, and in words, tells our story. More importantly, we invite you to meet us, to journey with us and to work with us as we seek to do God's will as a community that is enlivened by the hope Jesus' resurrection continues to bring to those who are confused and searching for meaning. Above all we ask you to pray with us, for us and allow us to pray for you as vital ministry of prayer. Please go to our Prayer Request page and list your intentions. We will pray for your intentions and we hope you'll pray for everyone else who's there.