Meeting the risen Lord: 2nd Sunday of Easter

By: Father Ernie Varosi CR, posted: 2014-04-22


The readings for this Second Sunday of Easter stress the fundamental truth at the heart of the Christian community, namely, that it is the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit which transforms this mixed group into committed proclaimers of the good news to the very ends of the earth.

As the reading from Peter underlines: "he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." This fundamental call of the every Christian is made quite clear in the gospel passage from John when Thomas, on behalf of all Christians makes the profession of faith: "My Lord, and my God." Hence, through confusion and recognition, and through the gift of the Holy Spirit and the risen Jesus? commission to Thomas?s profession of faith we move boldly into the world of our daily lives to declare our faith and submit our lives to him more deeply. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to deepen our spiritual understanding as we open our minds more completely to the witness of scripture and the Christian community.