Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a good one!

By: Father Paul Voisin CR, posted: 2014-07-24

               Once and a while we may have the custom to clean out our desk drawers, or our closet, or a storage area.  At that time it often becomes a moment of “Do I need/want this anymore?”  If so, it is kept, and treasured.  If not, it is discarded.  Very much Jesus tells us the same thing at the end of this gospel on the kingdom.  We are that wise one who must go through possessions to decide to treasure or to discard.  It is all a question of values!  Like with the treasure found in the field and the pearl of great price also.  In the light of God’s love and truth we discover what is treasure, and we work toward ‘possessing’ it in a deeper way.  This spiritual treasure will be the key to true happiness and holiness, not those things, activities, and even friendships that do not reflect the values and virtues of the kingdom.  The founders of the Congregation of the Resurrection, Bogdan Janski, Peter Semenenko and Jerome Kajsiewicz all made such choice which led to them embracing a deep spiritual life and discipleship of Jesus, rather than their previous devotion to ‘the world’ (including even violent overthrow of the Russian government in Poland).  As they drew closer to the risen Jesus, and the new life he had for them, their decisions of what to discard became easier – obvious to their mind, heart and soul of what was of God and his kingdom, and what was not.  Inspired by this Gospel, let us also take into the light of Christ what is important to us, to discover if it is truly treasure, or to be discarded forever.