As brothers in community in the Congregation of the Resurrection, we devote our lives to following Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The scriptures tell us that Jesus was so devoted to his work and mission that Father Schnarr Congregation of the Resurrectionhe had no wife and no children. His ministry was his life. We respond as his followers by continuing his work on earth. To do so effectively, we choose like he did not to take on families, but rather to devote our entire lives to building God’s reign on earth through the resurrection of society.

The vow of Chastity is not a negative – but rather a positive choice. It does not restrict our ability to love, but rather it frees us to love anyone who comes across the path of our lives, just as Jesus did. This vow enables us to deepen our loving relationships with Christ, with the Church and with all people.

If you are wondering about loneliness in this life – we do have something to say. Anyone can experience loneliness – married or unmarried. There are periods of “aloneness” that everyone feels in life. Our understanding of Chastity is that during these times, we are privileged to be able to deepen our relationship to God. You see, God is always there – we are never alone.

Chastity, viewed through our spirituality, is a precious gift that allows us to live life to its fullest. It is a gift from God and we are delighted to respond – knowing that God will reward us with profound love and hope in our lives.