Education Ministry

In past years, the members of the Ontario Kentucky Province of the Congregation of the Resurrection (referred to as "the community") were heavily involved in education at various levels.

The community owned and/or operated high schools in both Ontario and Kentucky. Some of these were: St. Jerome's High School in Kitchener, St. John s in Brantford, St. Mary’s in Kentucky and Scollard Hall in North Bay. Members also taught in various other high schools, such as Cathedral High School in Hamilton.

We were also heavily involved in University education. Some examples were/are: The University of St. Jerome's College in Waterloo (founded by the CR's), St. Mary’s College in Kentucky, Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, and more.

The community also had a strong involvement in the formation of young men for the priesthood. There were three colleges that were dedicated to this: St. Jerome’s College (Kitchener Campus); St. Mary’s College in Kentucky and Resurrection College in Waterloo. In addition various members of the community have taught in local seminaries such as St. Michael’s, Toronto and St. Peter’s, London.

Although the Congregation no longer is concerned about administrating institutions, some of our members continue to work diligently in the area of education at all levels. Resurrection College, formerly a seminary, continues to be a Catholic residence run by our province for lay students attending the University of Waterloo. Our belief is that young people can be exposed to the values that we cherish in classrooms and chaplaincies in various education institutions. We are proud to continue our heritage as Christian educators in our society today.

Father Frank Ruetz coordinates "Celebrating the Word" as a process for faith development, community growth and for evangelization. This is a contemporary extension of our Educational and Spiritual Development Ministries. For more details click here