Father SchnarrOn December 14, 2011, Fr. Walter Schnarr, CR celebrates his 100th birthday. On Sunday, November 27, 2011 his family, relatives and the Resurrectionist community gathered at Resurrection Manor to celebrate this special event. The event was anticipated in order to separate it somewhat from everyone’s Christmas gatherings. Approximately, 100 people attended this festive occasion.

Despite his age Fr. Walter is still active. He loves gardening, and in good weather spends time outdoors with his tomato plants or weeding the gardens. On many occasions he assists younger, but ailing community members in serving them food in the community dining room.

Mike SchnarrDuring the celebration Fr. Bob Liddy, CR was the master of ceremonies. He called on Michael Schnarr, a nephew, to speak on behalf of the family, and also Fr. Bernard Hayes and Fr. Sudie MacDonald to speak on behalf of the community. There were presentations of a papal blessing, congratulations from the prime minister and a local member of parliament. Fr. Schnarr is the first member of our province to reach this milestone.