Other Ministries

Mission Ministry

At the moment there are no members of the Ontario Kentucky Province serving in Mission countries. We have however had a strong tradition of serving in Bolivia and Brazil and Jamaica.

Brazil and Bolivia have now become a Region of the Congregation with their own personnel. Our province has strong ties to this Region and supports it financially through Resurrectionist Missions. In the past year we have supplied them with two jeeps for transportation in the mountains of Bolivia, and have financed the repair of five rural chapels in Bolivia. At present, we are supporting the missions in Brazil: paying the salaries of some of the lay persons in the missions, repairing the novitiate and seminary buildings, paying the tuition of seminarians and purchasing a mini bus to enable easy transportation of seminarians to their classes at distant colleges, etc. Our local office devotes considerable time to promote these mission activities.

We have members of the Polish Province serving in Tanzania in Africa. These men have come to Canada to learn English, and Resurrectionist Missions has supported them through the purchase of a truck, as well as tables, chairs and audio equipment for their parish hall. The province is very much interested in the promotion of the Missions, and if the occasion arises would send personnel to assist in these missionary endeavours.

The photo on the top of this page, illustrates a group of students from St. Mary’s College, led by Father Jim Donohue, visiting and experiencing life in Peru.

Individual Ministries

For many years now, members have chosen to work in myriad of individualized ministries. We have social workers, counsellors, administrators, chaplains in educational institutions and in various institutes of health care and much more. The community stands by and supports our members who feel called to work in fields that are outside of our traditional scope of ministry.