Being a Resurrectionist

Being a member of the Congregation of the Resurrection, a religious community within the Roman Catholic Faith tradition, enables members to lives lives of genuine love, service and freedom.

Resurrectionists at Eucharist in CommunityMembership in the community requires a substantial period of formation. During this time the novice (aspiring member) will take temporary vows. Those vows will one day be permanent. The vows are at the heart of our existence. Many in the world around us perceive the vows as “restrictive”, however, those of us who choose to live the vows know that they give us the freedom to live in profound love and service and the freedom to be prayerful followers of Jesus Christ.

As you read about the vows in this section, please remember that although we take vows and live them intensively, we believe that every Christian can live according to the spirit of these vows. In fact, we understand that these vows can be true guide-posts in the lived experience of Christianity for any person.

In this section of the site, we urge you to read about our vows. If you have questions or wonder if our vowed life is for you please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily speak with you and help you to understand who we are in order for you to make a decision about your life.

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