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After his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, Jesus was moved by the Spirit to go off by himself. The scriptures describe this as a desert experience – a separation from normal daily life in order to be more closely aware of God. This practice of taking time apart became a pattern in the life of Jesus, and these hours off by himself were key moments for him. Through times of prayer Jesus gained insight concerning his calling; he gathered strength to follow that call; and he prepared himself to bring his insights to the people he served.

Daily Prayer CalendarResurrectionists strive to imitate Jesus in this regard. They take time daily to pray, both in community and alone, in order to deepen their friendship with God and prepare themselves for ministry to others. In our prayer time we use the death and resurrection of Jesus, the paschal mystery, as our guide. We try to become aware of the attitudes and activities that close us off from God, and we ask for the grace to change. This is the dying aspect of our spirituality. But it is important not to stop there. So, we turn our thoughts to when and how the Lord has touched our lives, and how God may be calling us now. This is the new life, the resurrection, that God wishes to give us and which we seek. It is this aspect that gives us hope in our personal struggles and in our ministries. This is at the heart of our spirituality, and it is the spirituality we strive to model for others through our ministries: dying to the things which block out God in our lives and accepting the graces God wishes to shower upon us. Convinced of God’s unfailing and unconditional love for us and all people, we are motivated with hope – for ourselves and the people we serve.

Spiritual Resources:

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