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You have arrived at the Vocations hub of the Congregation of the Resurrection! In this CR (Congregation of the Resurrection) Vocations section, we have information on the process of joining our community, on our central gift and strength — which is community living — and on other vital issues that affect our ministry in the world around us. If you want to explore other vocations such as consecrated life for women, married life, single life, diocesan priesthood, and being ordained to the deaconate, please visit www.vocationculture.ca which is our site devoted to a broader sense of "vocation" or calling.

Typically, those who are looking to explore a vocation to consecrated life for men meet us here online or in the places that we minister. We are brothers and priests who minister as pastors, teachers, life-coaches, social workers, and care-givers living lives of transformation. Yes, we believe that the power of Christ's Resurrection continues to bring hope and transformation to all areas of the world where there is poverty, oppression, and despair and we get to be a part of it. To better allow Christ to accomplish this kind of transformation through us we enter into a formation process before becoming Resurrectionists (yes, that's what we call ourselves) — and that is what this part of the website addresses. Welcome and enjoy!


Fr. Formosi's Homily on the Priesthood and Consecrated Life

Fr. Roger Formosi gives this homily at the 12th Annual Vocations mass for the Diocese of Hamilton. Given his content the title might read: The Priesthood and Religious Life: For God's Holy Church.

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