The Baptism of the Lord - Sunday, January 12, 2020

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Father Fred Scinto

January 9, 2020

Note:As you read today’s Scriptures’ texts of the Liturgy, please leave behind what you know about the Sacrament of Baptism for a moment.  The Sacrament removes all sin and sinfulness on our part as we become children of God (see the Prayer After Communion).  Obviously Christ does not need the Sacrament as we all do because He is perfect.  Christ’s Baptism is a powerful statement and proclamation on His part to every one of us that He wants to become intimately close to each of us and to all of us.  Please sense here how hungry Christ is for each one of us.  Try to respond to Him.

Note today’s entrance antiphon.  In the light of what has been said above in the Note, see Christ’s Baptism as the trinitarian God’s hunger to be with us.  Thank God for this huge grace of love wherein this loving God adopts us all as His/Her children (see the first option for the Collect or Opening Prayer).

In the First Reading, the “servant” are the people of Israel although most Christians identify the “servant” with Christ.  Isaiah, the prophet par excellent, in Christian circles is often used as the one who foretells who the Messiah is for us.  Note how strong is the theme of very deep love for us on our tender God’s part.  God delights in all this by giving us the Messiah Who is our Brother.  This is really a beautiful loving God!

Catch the majesty of God in the Responsorial Psalm from Psalm 29.  Our response today is to say or shout “Yes, Lord, yes!” – so be it! A good prayer here now is this – “please, Lord, be Who You are for us, with us, to us as the Scriptures today proclaim You to be.”

The Second Reading tells us clearly what our Christian job or vocation is, and that is to spread the Good News of Who God is for us:  the beautiful message given to Israel and to us with a fuller understanding.  The Gospel Acclamation underlines this:  God opens the Heavens to us and powerfully His/Her loving hunger and deep desire to be intimate with us.

Note how trinitarian the Gospel is:  the last part speaks of Christ and the Spirit of God and God the Father/Mother – all in one sentence!  Take this language at its face value and appearance.  The DIVINE LOVER            desires the greatest possible intimacy with us and when He/She catches us, He/she is delighted and “pleased.”

Today’s Liturgy is obviously a LOVE story at its best!  And if you and I really catch today’s divine message in today’s Celebration, it has to move our whole being at its core!

Overall, today we see that we are engaged to God; so let us live accordingly and let us bring this beautiful amazing love story to all humankind.  (see the first petition in the Prayer of the Faithful). So let us delight in God all the days of our lives! AMEN!

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