12th Sunday of Ordinary Time - Sunday, June 21, 2020

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Father Fred Scinto

June 18, 2020

The biblical emphasis in all our Liturgies is on “us/we” and not on “I/me.” See today’s Entrance Antiphon that uses “people” twice and “heritage” as a reference to the people; see also the expression, “the eyes of all”, in the Communion Antiphon.  Theologically, the People of God is the plural form that includes all of us before the beautiful face of God.  In our present society and culture, the emphasis is on “I” and “me” and our importance whereas before God “we” and “us” constitute the family of God.

Today’s sacred readings operate out of this vision and divine significance which is a powerful beautiful reality – challenging revelation and grace-lessons to what is grace-needy in life.  As in all Sundays, today’s Word of God stands and proclaims at Its Best!

The First Reading is from Jeremiah 20:7 and 10-13 that state the Lord has delivered the life of the needy from the hands of evildoers.  The prophet is surrounded by those who want to hurt him; however, God is with him, God, “a dread warrior”, the God of Almighty Strength, and this God will deliver him.  As one of the righteous who thereby can claim God’s protection, Jeremiah has submitted himself and his cause to God, the Lord of hosts (another power image).

Note how well the Responsorial Psalm fits in with this!  It underlines this! And, furthermore, do notice that the last two sentences underline strongly that Jeremiah is truly totally confident that God will deliver him. Oh – if we could only have this deep faith regarding our own lives!  With all people of faith, may we also pray “Lord, in Your steadfast love, answer me”!

The Second Reading, from Romans 5:12-15, notes that (God’s) free gift is not like the trespass (sin). In life, sin brings death to all but God’s free gift of grace brings us salvation. Historically, humankind had been subjugated to sin by one man (Adam in the Garden of Eden); but now there is the greater gift of grace given to humankind by Jesus Christ Himself.

Today’s Gospel is Matthew 10:26-33 which tells us not to fear those who kill the body.  The Good News of today’s Gospel is so powerful that the darkness in life is removed by light containing the Gospel (Good News). Jesus assures us by telling us not to fear those who kill the body but cannot touch the soul. This is God’s great gift to us.  Remember that God sees everything and can affect or change everything and anything.  Note the security the last sentence of the Gospel brings us – Christ Himself will acknowledge us before God in Heaven.  So the Gospel shows forth the right proper way and the fabulous gift we have from Christ to achieve eternal life.  Note that the (first) Communion Antiphon today manifests a powerful God Who really takes very good care of each and all of us.  (The second Antiphon also manifests the same point.)

Today is also Father’s Day.  Let us take a moment today to pray for our fathers (whether living or dead).  Furthermore, in Canada, today is also the National Indigenous People Day; let us take a moment today also to pray for our aboriginal peoples and especially that we may treat them well and according to Social Justice.

God always bless you and those you love. Amen.